MFA Group Happenings - Virginia Moms for America - Tyler Ohta

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We cannot say enough great things about our Group Leader and State Liaison, Tyler Ohta.  Tyler is an active mom who sets up Moms for America booths at her church events and attends her school board meetings to stand up for children’s rights, among other important events. She also leads Cottage Meetings!


The Mavens lead my Virginia State Liaison, Tyler Ohta had their 3rd Annual MAVENS Kickoff – they always do a little social get together in January.  They socialized and had a short time of political discussion as well as vision casting for the 2023 year. They discussed that through Moms for America they’ve learned the 28 Principles of Liberty, they’ve learned the Constitution, and they will soon study The Healing of America Series which outlines the nation’s founding, what went wrong in our country along the way, and some ideas on how to heal America. They were reminded that it is easy to complain, and harder to create change, but that we look to God for solutions and we must do the work – especially in our own lives! – to see change. They were also reminded that our mission is to not only fight for freedom by getting involved politically and with our culture, but also by raising the next generation of patriots to love God and their country and to secure the blessings of liberty for THEM.