Press Conference at the US Capitol

March 8th, 2022

The Press Conference was held at the US Capitol at the House Triangle, with Congressional speakers as well as moms who came from Communist countries or have been negatively impacted by mandates all shared their experiences.

Congressman Billy Long
MO, 7th District

Kimberly Fletcher
President & Founder Moms for America

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert
CO, 3rd District

Kimberly Rosene
Flight Attendant, Washington, D.C.

Quisha King
Executive Director, Moms for America 

Sandra Jimenez
Activist and Mom, FL 

Corinne Hammond, R.N., BSN
Montana Mom 

Kelly Joiner
Concrete Laborer, IL 

Catalina Stubbe
Former Miss World Colombia,
actress, fashion model, activist

Charlene Fenton
Owner, Logistics Trucking Company 

Debbie Kraulidis
Vice President, Moms for America